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I am the ALEPH and the TAU, Beginning and End, says YAHUAH, who is and who was and who is to come, AL SHADDAI-Revelation 1:8



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There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.
Proverbs 16:25

We will now enter the Torah Zone-------where truth will be heard, where man don't live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from the mouth of Yahuah that comes from above where He gave His covenant on Mt. Sinai, and Golgotha Covenant of LOVE Welcome to "Rabbit Trails" where we will walk together with Yahusha and discover the places we have been where alot of truth was there but still wasn't Torah! Just remember that a half truth is a whole lie! We will learn principles, and patterns of the Kingdom that will keep us strong in Yahuah and not go down what I call rabbit trails wrong paths. Here is a little song while in the Torah Zone! I've entered the Torah Zone where rabbits don't jump real high, we don't color no eggs, take them and hide. Decorate no evergreen or watch reindeer fly. Don't sit around and listen to Nimrod lies with their sunday gatherings with a Jezebaal jig we keep the true Sabbath: no longer into pig! We don't listen for sleighbells dancing in the snow with a red suited Philistine with a deer's nose that glows-----We've entered the Torah Zone where Truth has been heard where man don't live by bread alone but by every Word that comes from the mouth of Yahuah from above who on Mt. Sinai gave His covenant of LOVE Enter till next time on the trail Stay True Stay close to the Rabbi Yahusha and away from the rabbit tale! Back to the trail! Let's establish a principle: New construction is always easier than reconstruction. Other words , you can't put new wine into old bottles! Get rid of your stinking thinking of all man's traditions and what he said I said this: STUFF and get straight, nothing but the WORD OF YAHUAH, get rid off all additives and generics and just PURE WORD line upon line! We'll stop here on the trail for Selah-meditation! Start your cleansing from all the ways of family and man's traditions, just ONE on ONE with YAHUSHA! This will take a little while, as you talk to HIM, We'll wait, so to next walk! Shalom Hello glad to see you again! Let's continue walking and talk about something we might not consider. Identity theft! You know it only take 7 seconds for an identity to be stolen by one touch on the key pad or a hacker of knowledge on the computer. Their are usually 3 kind of thoughts that go with this theft. No.1-I don't know it happen to me till I'm made aware of it when I go to buy something and have no credit, your lights will go off to go get it back. No.2- Why did it happen to me? No.3- It only happens to the one in the newspaper or T.V. but not me I'm exempt! Wake up! It can Happen to anyone! It did along time ago. The one who died for us and our Heavenly Father's Names were stolen by a professional hacker and thief along time ago. The DEVIL! He used a Greek language to do it and a religion to promote that lie. He had the Father's Name changed from Yahuah to God: And the Son's Name changed from Yahusha to Jesus and changed their way from the Torah and Messiah to "Christianity" The Messiah that died and shed His blood and rose from the dead on the 3rd Day was not a christian and never observed anything they practice. Selah- meditate on this while the snow clears it's cold! Now go search this out as if you have been stolen from take the time Prove all things Your Death account depends on it! We'll continue our walk through the lies of Christianity next talk GO STUDY! get the word and truth not just bread and milk while it snows! Shalom Hello again, I hope I have caused you to think, and open your eyes , about what we were talking about- Identity Theft: If it can happen to you, don't you think it could happen to the truth we are suppose to know and our history? Please take the time now and go to : http//realdeception.net/About_Us.html/ On the page that comes up very top-- Flash into Page will come up, under it will be About Us: click on that and Welcome to Real Deception...... Please read the truth about the Saviour's Name! Let's consider a scripture the Master Yahusha said in John 10:10 The thief does not come exept to steal, kill, and to destroy---------"Except to steal". Satan hates the commandments: The 3rd says: You do not cast the Name of Yahuah Your Elohim to ruin.{In Hebrew to "SHOAH"} We are not to destroy His Name, by changing or substituting. {In vain} God is a title , NOT A NAME> You may be a father, a brother, a uncle, a friend that describes you: these are titles, but it is not your NAME! He told us to call upon HIS NAME- not HIS title! The next Trail: Let's look at one of the lies Satan used to steal: Christianity: The word Christianity is not found in the received text AT ALL, and is not found in any concordance. The practices are a blend of "Ideas" about the Messiah of Israel, but not His Way! Their practices are attached to old Satan and Pagan observances in order to camouflage them from their origins. Satanist have said: thanks to the christians it makes our job for the devil alot easier! Think of that! It is a monstrosity or "HYBRID" blending of a diverse number of Pagan religions, and the knowledge of this is kept from its adherents. Believing and doing are often separated in its philosophy. Obedience is praised if it fits Tradition Norms, condemned if it is SCRIPTURE INSTRUCTIONS. A brief thought while thinking on what has been discovered on this trail! Satanist have said: Thanks to the Christians it has made our job for the devil alot easier! Back to the rabbit trail of Christianity. Christianity : Is not found ANYWHERE IN SCRIPTURE! Encyclopedias tell us it is a religion: and its founder was "Jesus Christ". YAHUSHA ha Mashiach is the Alef and the Tau- Beginning and the END, not some founder of a religion. IT was founded by "Simon Magus"{ Shimon the Magician} so sorcery and magic{ entertainment of flesh} is its ORIGIN! Yahuah is a miracle worker! NOT A MAGICIAN! This man's tomb is under the altar at "St Peter's" Cathedral at Rome. The TOPIC of Christianity is not found in scripture{ means it is not may I say Biblical!} It has no scripture Base! What the scripture does acknowledges is the "WAY" is the "WORD OF YAHUAH" Matthew 4:4 Yahusha spoke what was written in Deut.8:3 -----that man does not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD that comes from the mouth of Yahuah. Every WORD has the TORAH in it also! TEN COMMANDS- NOT NINE!: NOT 8 BUT TEN! You are not to pick and choose which ones you want to keep because of "GRACE" either! When Yahushua was raised from the dead, why did we keep 9 and change 0ne? Why didn't we change "YOU do not MURDER" instead of the 4th> "REMEMBER" the Sabbath : and say because HE rose from the dead we now celebrate Sun-day and call it THE "LORD's Day. There is NO SCRIPTURE FOR THE CHANGE; Only a Constantine Verdict in 321 CE. Yahuah made it clear not to add to, or TAKE AWAY! Just like the taking away of the real Sabbath; They added to by teaching things that Yahusha never taught or His true followers: HE or them never taught us anything about Sun-day, Easter, Christmas,{ which is Christ Mass, which means for the anointed one to depart} or popes, nuns, "sacraments", or any separation of Yahusha's body into a "priesthood" and laity. WE ALL ARE priests on level ground with one another, and HE : YAHUSHA ha Mashiach IS OUR HIGH PRIEST! If you are studying something, and embrace it as a way of living, shouldn't you search it out completely and find where its roots lead? Here is it real simple: You believe wrong, you live wrong! You know why you don't do right, because you do wrong! Please go search! Remember that a lie is only true if YOU believe it as truth! We'll talk later! Watch out for those rabbit tales Embrace the Rabbi's Truth! Till next walk Shalom ! Seh Ha Elohim sh'mo YAHUSHA! Havu la YAHUAH Gadol Yahuah oom-hulal meod v'lig-doolatoo ein CHeKer{ Behold the Lamb of Elohim His Name is Yahusha Ascribe to Yahuah Yahuah is Great and Greatly to be Praised : HIS GREATNESS NO FINDING OUT! Remember Yahusha ha Mashiach will COME AGAIN You can't stop it even if YOU DIE TRYING! Baruch attah Yahuah Eloheinu Melek HA'olam asher natan lanu YAHUSHA Ha Mashiach!

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